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Registered Apprenticeship Program

Here's How It Works

Employers looking for fresh, eager employees will want to consider RAP apprentices. It’s a great way to ensure your employees are trained the right way from the beginning, and the flexibility of our program allows you to fill your schedules. If you are an employer interested in hiring and sponsoring a RAP apprentice, follow these simple steps:

Find a SPRNT® Tech Ready Talent who is ready to work, and eager to learn your business. You can contact us or workforce counselor to connect you with an individual looking for employment.

Available Tech Occupations:

  • IT Generalist (IT Support Specialist)
  • Software Developer
  • QA Analyst
  • Business / System Analysts
  • After the RAP apprentice completes the application, you will be notified by email. Complete the sponsor portion of the RAP apprenticeship application to verify the application and agree to the terms and conditions.

    Working with your RAP apprentice develop a schedule that works for everyone. You are required to pay at least minimum wage, provide on-the-job competency training. We will take care of updating your apprentice's record book.

    Are you part of Kansas Organizaton?

    SnapIT Solutions was awarded a grant through the State of Kansas to expand our apprenticeship program into other markets and support the state’s economic growth. This funding will assist in getting the program implemented as well as support the training costs for apprentices.

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