SnapIT Solutions’ innovative tech workforce development platform, “SPRNT® Lab” is modeled on the patent-pending SPRNT® talent transformation framework that addresses the challenges to bridge the widening gap in high-skill, high-wage opportunities in tech industry. Our integrated platform enables clear pathways between training and employment, ensuring individuals can transition into sustainable technology careers.

Our “tech-workforce development in-a-box” platform-solution combines comprehensive training programs like Tech-Accelerator, dedicated-mentoring, and on-the-job experiences to launch successful careers. By aligning secondary, post-secondary, workforce, and employer partners, SPRNT® Lab opens doors to in-demand technology-occupations offering options for tuition-paid training and apprenticeships, making access-to-opportunities equitable for those who are most often left out.

Streamlined, coordinated approach realized using SPRNT® Lab has demonstrated measurable impact in both participants’ economic mobility and employers’ hiring needs in Kansas & Missouri. Participants benefit from expanded career opportunities, guaranteed interviews, and direct hiring. Employers tap new pipelines of qualified talent.

Neelima Parasker

CEO & Founder

Click image to download our 2023 Workforce Innovation Conference presentation introducing SPRNT® Lab

SPRNT® Lab: Bridging the Opportunity in Technology